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Common Questions 1. What genre is this movie? It’s a DRAMA with some action scenes. 2. What is the focus of this movie? It focuses on the interaction between the girls of Unit 27, as they deal with race, relationships, treachery, disappointment and failure, while they train to become Commandos for the CIA. By today’s standards, there is nothing cringy in this movie. 3. What rating is this movie? It’s not rated, but has scenes of violence that are at the top end of PG-13. This is NOT a kid’s movie. 4. What kind of violence is in this movie? Gun battles. Bad guys are killed during a hostage rescue. There is one scene of torture, but the actual act is not shown. 5. Is there any nudity or sex scenes? Absolutely not! There are no romantic relationships in this film. 6. Is there any profanity? The word “shit” is used several times. That’s it. 7. What was the budget of this film? It hurt a lot. 8. What did you shoot it on? The Canon XF305, 5D MkII, 70D. 9. What were the actors paid? All of the actors, in all seven movies, volunteered their time, including the crew. 10. What was the biggest challenge making this movie? Scheduling and feeding people (thank God for parents!). 11. How does it look (production value wise) compared to Hollywood movies? It’s a micro budget, Independent film (enough said). 12. Do you have a favorite scene or actor? Of course I am extremely happy with all of the actors, their amazing talent and commitment to this film was unparalleled for an indie project. There is one actor, however, whose role is the complete opposite of how she is in real life. Her character usually evokes strong emotions from the audience. You’ll know her when you see her. My favorite scene involves a girl, a machine-gun and a lot of dead bad guys.